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In-House Holistic Nutritionist


By having Jeffron as your company’s In-House Holistic Nutritionist and offering one-on-one nutrition consultations to your staff, you gain employees who are healthy, productive, vibrant, energetic and happy!

Whether it’s digestive issues, fatigue, skin eruptions (acne, eczema, psoriasis), hormonal imbalances, learning how to prepare meal plans, headaches, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, weight gain, etc, Jeffron helps people feel well and be well ~ mind and body.

Jeffron will consult with employees who wish to utilize this amazing health benefit that you are offering at your office (before work, at lunch or after work) or an outside of work location.

Employees contact Jeffron directly at any time throughout the year to arrange a one-on-one consultation.

Consultations* include:

  • an in-depth intake form filled out and sent to Jeffron prior to meeting
  • a 3 day food diary sent to Jeffron prior to meeting
  • 45 minute – 1 hour sit down at which time dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations will be given. Each plan is individually designed to meet personalized health goals
  • unlimited email access to Jeffron for questions

Following the consultation, your company will be invoiced.

For more information on how to include an In-House Holistic Nutritionist within your company for optimal workplace wellness, please contact Jeffron:

 *Note: all information obtained from a consultation is strictly confidential and will not be shared with employer

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