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Being Grateful Has Two Parts To It


We read a lot these days about gratitude and that if we have “it” then our lives will be much better. I do agree with this. It’s a conscience decision as to whether or not you are grateful for the things in your life. Whether it’s your mate, the food in the fridge, your kids, the roof over your head, your friends, your car, the clothes on your back ……. if we truly appreciate and are grateful for what we have and the people in our lives, then it’s as if a weight is lifted from our soul. There is a lightness to living.

This, to me, is part one of gratitude.

Part two is a little trickier, but I don’t think that a person can be truly 100% grateful for what they have in their life unless they have part two nailed down. What’s part two? Being happy – truly happy – for what other people have.

By seizing every chance to sincerely congratulate and be happy for other people’s success, recent purchase, relationship, or job, you are creating an opportunity to multiply the good times YOU get to celebrate and be grateful for! How wonderful is that!

So how do you start to be happy and grateful for other’s successes? Just do it. Like being grateful for your own life is a definitive decision on your part, make the same commitment for others and what they have in their life.

This (to me) is what will make your gratefulness complete.


2 Responses to “Being Grateful Has Two Parts To It”

  1. laura robinson

    So true! You are always so encouraging to me and all that are lucky enough to be your friends, colleagues and clients – a true champion of other’s successes. Bravo and right on!


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