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21 Day Smoothie Guide Virtual Book Tour


My Interview with Jesse Schelew, C.N.P.

I met Jesse Schelew, C.N.P. when we were both students at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Jesse is one of the most positive and sincere people I know. I just adore her!  The love and joy she has for holistic nutrition and making people feel well is contagious!

Jesse, along with six other Holistic Nutritionists, have come together as Holistic in the City and created an amazing 21 Day Smoothie Guide.

I start my day with a smoothie; however, I tend to use the same ingredients day after day. So this 21 Day Smoothie Guide is invaluable to me!

Whether you are thinking of starting a morning smoothie routine, or if you are an old pro at morning smoothies, this 21 Day Smoothie Guide will introduce you to some unique, super-healthy and ultra-delicious smoothie recipes!

I highly recommend you buy this wonderful e-book! It will completely revolutionize your mornings and your days!

I am so pleased that I was able to interview Jesse about Holistic in the City’s 21 Day Smoothie Guide.

Jesse, I just love your 21 Day Smoothie Guide! What was the inspiration for you and the Holistic in the City gals to create this guide?

Thank you so much Jeffron, what a sweet introduction. I’m so happy that you have been enjoying our eBook! The inspiration for the 21 Day Smoothie Guide came from our clients. When a client comes to me looking to clean up their diet, I usually recommend they start their day with a smoothie rather than the usual coffee and muffin. For clients who do drink smoothies, many of them were creating a drink that was full of sugar and not only unhealthy but contributing to weight gain! The 21 Day Smoothie Guide is fantastic because it has 21 different healthy smoothie recipes to choose from so you never get bored of drinking the same smoothie every day!

Your bio is so interesting. You graduated from Queen’s University with an Engineering degree and worked as an engineer for 7 years before becoming a full time Holistic Nutritionist. What lead you to the world of Holistic Nutrition, becoming a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and switching careers?

Growing up my mom took a holistic approach to health care so I was used to using an alternative methods from a young age. I also struggled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and food allergies on and off for most of my life, starting when I was a baby! The stress of University along with the cafeteria food really kicked the IBS symptoms I was experiencing into high gear and I knew something had to be done. I started my healing journey by visiting a holistic practitioner who gave me the guidance I needed to heal my leaky gut.

As I gathered momentum, I became really excited about cooking healthy food and I started to play in the kitchen. I had so much fun creating allergen free recipes so I created by first blog, Out To Lunch Creations, while I was still working as an engineer.

When I started blogging I got more and more into the online holistic community and decided it was time to learn more so I enrolled in the evening Holistic Nutrition program at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I fell head over heels in love with Holistic Nutrition and just knew I had found my passion and purpose in life!

Is starting with a smoothie in the morning one of the health tips you give to your clients so they can gain control of their health?

It certainly is! I love recommending that my clients start the day with a smoothie.

Many people are told that starting the day with a smoothie is a good idea, but why is having a smoothie for breakfast such a great way to begin the day?

Smoothies are a fantastic and easy way to get a big dose of nutrients in the morning. They are really quick to make and can be taken on the go making them easy to fit into your busy morning routine.

I love your “Ultimate Smoothie Formula” chart that you have included in the e-book. It’s great the way you’ve laid out how to build a smoothie incorporating protein, complex carbohydrates and ‘good’ fats. What makes the ingredients you list in the chart in-sync with your holistic nutrition philosophy?

I believe that it is really important to ensure you are getting a good balance of protein, complex carbs, fiber and healthy fats in your diet every day. The Ultimate Smoothie Formula shows you how to make your own delicious smoothie creation while maintaining this balance.

You mention in the 21 Day Smoothie Guide that protein powder is an additional add-in to all of your smoothie recipes. What kind of protein powder would you recommend if I did want to add this to my morning smoothie? And if I don’t add protein powder, how else can I get protein in my smoothie?

Protein is really important to add to your morning smoothie because it will sustain your energy and keep your hunger at bay. I recommend adding around 15g of protein to your smoothie. This can be done by adding nuts, seeds, legumes or a high quality raw plant based protein powder. When you are buying a protein powder make sure you get one without overly processed ingredients, chemicals, fillers, sweeteners or genetically modified ingredients that can hinder your health.

Is it a good idea to rotate smoothie ingredients?

It is! Variety in your morning smoothie will make sure you are getting all kinds of different phytonutrients every morning. Variety will also fuel your smoothie habit and keep it exciting so you don’t get back to eating muffins and coffee for breakfast.

If I’m on a budget, what 3 ingredients for a smoothie would you recommend?

Great question!

1) Seasonal fruits and veggies from the farmers market – You can buy them in bulk when they are in season for a great price, freeze them and use them throughout the year.

2) Chia Seeds – Chia seeds pack a big nutritional punch because they contain protein and omega 3 fatty acids. They are pretty hardy so you can buy them in bulk and store them in the fridge for quite some time.

3) Water – Nut milks make an excellent base for a smoothie but they can be expensive. Good old water makes a fantastic base for your smoothie and it is free!

What is one ingredient that you wouldn’t recommend someone put into their morning smoothie?

Many people use juice as the base for their smoothies but I would not recommend doing that. The juice that you buy in the store is pasteurised which means that it no longer contains the vitamins and nutrients it did in its whole form, making it simply a source of sugar in your smoothie. I recommend using 1.5 cups of water or unsweetened nut milk as the liquid base of your smoothie.

Along with starting the day with a smoothie, what are two other lifestyle habits that you would recommend people incorporate into their day?

1) Increase your water intake – Water plays a major role in all of the body’s processes, including detox. It helps eliminate and remove toxins from your body through your kidneys and bowels. It is recommended you drink an average 8 cups of water every day. Drinking a big glass of water with a wedge of lemon in the morning will help wake you up and get things moving if you know what I mean.

2) Eat Whole Foods – Processed foods are often full of chemicals, salt and preservatives that the body struggles to digest. Your body can more easily digest whole foods leaving more time for the natural detox process to occur. You will also get the added benefit of fiber which keeps you regular and vitamins and minerals that leave you bursting with energy.

Click on the book to order your copy of

Holistic in the City’s 21 Day Smoothie Guide


Thanks so much to Jesse for taking the time to answer my questions about the Holistic in the City 21 Day Smoothie Guide.

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