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Factory farming makes me cry

Do you own a cat or dog, or have ever owned a cat or dog?

I’d like you to imagine your dog or cat in a metal cage.

Now imagine that the metal cage is not much bigger than the animal itself. The cage in fact is so small that your cat or dog cannot move around.

Now imagine your cat or dog living day after day after day in that cage, with their poo and pee, which by the way is hardly ever cleaned up. If ever.

Now imagine that this is how your cat or dog will live FOREVER AND EVER!

Horrible right? Well, this is how millions and millions of farm animals are treated every single day.

In Canada, we know that our pets’ health and safety are protected BY LAW , but did you know that there are actually no Canadian laws that prevent cruelty against FARM animals. So farms are able to do as they please.

According to EcoWatch, there are 65 billion animals – cows, pigs, chickens, etc. –  worldwide crammed into Confined Animal Feeding Operations a.k.a. Factory Farms

I’d like tell you about factory farming and why I believe no one – for any reason – should purchase factory farmed meat, dairy products or eggs.

Factory farms are large industrialized farms. These farms are huge! The average number of laying hens per factory in Canada is 18,368. The average number of pigs per factory farm is 1,070. Since 1940, the number of Canadian cattle per farm has increased by 600%!

The point of factory farming is to produce the highest output at the lowest cost. Unfortunately, there is a very high cost to the animals.

In factory farms, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and other animals live in extremely stressful conditions.

Animals are kept in small, confined, cages or areas which are grossly over-crowded! There is hardly any room for them to move around or lie down, and there is certainly no room for any exercise! And a factory farmed animal will never see the light of day or be exposed to fresh air.

The animals are under incredible stress from being kept in confined spaces so they attack each other.  To stop this from happening, their beaks, tails and / or teeth are removed. This is all done without the use of painkillers.

The only reason the animals are being kept alive is to produce the flesh, eggs or milk that it produces.

Since the object of factory farms is high output at a low cost, the faster an animal gets to slaughter weight or produces more milk or eggs, the more profitable the operation.  So the animals in factory farms are given antibiotics to keep them alive in these horribly stressful and unsanitary conditions. They are given growth hormones to fatten them up at abnormal speeds. They grow so big so quickly that the animal cannot support its own growth and weight, and this results in painful conditions and deformities.

Mother pigs live in continuous impregnation and delivery and live in gestation crates that are literally no bigger than they are.

Dairy cows are forced into a never ending cycle of pregnancy and birthing to ensure a steady supply of milk. On some factory farms, dairy cows are chained by the neck for their entire lives!  Dairy cows should live up to 20 years, but in a factory farm conditions, they last only 4 or 5.

Farm animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling pain and suffering. Yet factory farming treats them like they are little more than meat-, egg-, and milk-making machines.

And from a psychological point, I have no doubt that when a person eats factory farmed meat, eggs or milk, that they are actually eating the ‘fear’ that animal felt while living in the factory farmed conditions.

So, if not from a factory farm then where should you get your meat, milk and eggs?

You need to buy organic or from a farmer who treats their animals ethically, humanely and without antibiotics and hormones! If you know where your meat, eggs or milk is from, you will know that the animal was treated properly, as well as fed a diet free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or animal by-products.

If you do this, then you are promoting the humane treatment of animals and saying NO to the cruelty of farm animals!!! YAY!

You will know that the farmer didn’t rely on antibiotics to reduce disease, but rather prevents disease by ensuring their animals have a healthy lifestyle.

You will know that the animals are given fresh air and see the light of day.

And you will know that the animal had lots of opportunity for socialization! YAY again!

Yes, meat from a farm that treats its animals humanely and ethically may be slightly more expensive, but then hey, eat meat less! If you think any form of cruelty to animals is horrible and disgusting, then say NO to factory farmed meat and eggs and dairy products! Please, I beg you, connect the dots. Factory farming is NOT OK.

Please think before you buy.

If the pictures below are hard for you to look at, imagine how the animals feel.




“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi

8 Responses to “Factory farming makes me cry”

  1. Emy Will

    It is heartbreaking, and all for a moment on the lips. Strange how people don’t see the contradiction in loving some animals and eating others 😦


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