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Tongue Scraping


What the heck? Tongue scraping?

Yup! It’s amazing.

Tongue scraping is a method of cleaning the tongue to remove any coating or mucous that has accumulated overnight.

Tongue scraping  has been a part of Ayurveda tradition for thousands of years.

During sleep when the body is resting, the digestive system works to detoxify itself. These toxins are deposited on the surface of the tongue and are responsible for the coating seen on the tongue first thing in the morning.

By scraping away these toxins, they don’t get reabsorbed by the body. What great news!

Along with getting rid of toxins built up when you sleep, tongue scraping also improves breath, improves your ability to taste and improves dental health.

It’s best to tongue scrap right when you wake up ~ even before you have your lemon water.

You can find a tongue scraper at most health stores.

Trust me, once you get into the daily habit of using a tongue scraper, you can NEVER go back.


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